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What is P0013?

P0013 is a code that indicates a shortage in the oil control valve bank one. According to the engine control module, this usually occurs when there is an open or short circuit in the oil control valve.

What are the causes of P0013?

The P0013 code can be caused by several factors mentioned below. It is essential to know these factors so that an appropriate solution can be made. Here they are:

  1. The oil control valve is commanded by the engine control module to perform lesser than usual but is still expected to have the same output. 
  2. The oil control valve is commanded by the engine control module to perform until 70 percent of its capacity with an output of less than 3 percent. 
  3. An open circuit in the OCV. 
  4. Short wiring in the OCV to the exhaust camshaft. 
  5. Low in oil pressure where constant oil is needed to have a smooth performance. 
  6. The viscosity of the oil can determine dirty Engine Oil.

How do I know if my car is experiencing the P0013?

There are several ways that you can check if your car is experiencing the P0013. These are just the most common symptoms but may vary depending on the camshaft timing position. 

  1. The most common symptom is having a hard start, especially if the oil control valve is short.
  2. Low fuel mileage is noted when the oil control valve is open or having a short circuit.
  3. The ECM activates the Check Engine Light.
  4. The car’s engine will have a noticeable problem like stopping. 

How can I get my car fixed?

  1. The key to fixing the P0013 is going to a mechanic. The mechanic is the right person who can diagnose the P0013 code. 
  1. Once the diagnosis is made, repairs should follow. Certain things can be repaired if your car has the P0013 code.
  1. As a responsible car owner, you can also do your part by detecting problems and reporting these problems to your mechanic. You can check if there is an obvious wiring issue from the OCV. You can also check if the oil is dirty and old. Dirty and old oil is usually determined due to the viscosity level. 

How will I know if my car is misdiagnosed with P0013?

There are several actions of the mechanic that can lead to the misdiagnosis of your car. When these actions are done, you may ask for your vehicle to be re-evaluated immediately.

Is the P0013 that serious?

In reality, this is not very serious because fixing the problem can be postponed. However, if this problem is seriously not attended to, then it can result in further problems. One example is detecting the presence of carbon in the valve components. In the long run, continuing to ignore the P0013 can lead to the destruction of the ECM.

How can I avoid the P0013?

The P0013 code is a problem that can be avoided, mostly if specific actions are done. To prevent this code again in the future, constant checks should be done. You can check the viscosity of the oil in your car. You can also check for short circuits. And lastly, you can do regular visits to your mechanic so he can check using the computer.

Final Thoughts

The P0013 code in a car is one of the problems that does not need immediate action but can lead to something worse if not attended to. Visiting a mechanic can help the car recover from the P0013 code immediately.